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Philippines Needs Help!

Still picking up from the aftermath of Typhoon Molave – known locally as “Quinta”, news of yet another one filled the airwaves, this time a category 5 capable of destroying everything on its path. By the end of the day Typhoon Goni – known locally as “Rolly” has developed into…

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The Lord’s Place

Poverty, sickness, fear and violence. This is the hidden face of the ghetto of Downtown, Kingston. Well known for its magnificent beaches and pristine rivers, but today, Kingston is a lost paradise. Homelessness has become a common scene on the streets and destitution has become a usual sight on the…

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My 80th Birthday

On the 17th September I will be 80 years. I never dreamt I would live to eighty years. As a young man, I said “I’ll be happy to live until fifty years, then later I said sixty years will be just perfect. To my astonishment seventy years came along, and…

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Please Help Us Rebuild Good Shepherd Home!

Good Shepherd Home caught fire from the two buildings adjoining our home for 70 homeless men at 71 Tower Street. The residents are cripples, some mentally retarded – all beautiful and full of love, but discarded and brought in by the police, by neighbors, by hospitals. They have nothing; no…

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Diary of a Ghetto Priest: Abortion: The Murder of the Holy Innocents

I love our country. I love our people. I do not believe we are living our lives as true Jamaicans. We are a Christian people; we are rooted in a Judeo-Christian tradition – wealthy countries do not want this. We do not believe in murder. Murder is the most horrible…

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Give the Best Love for them!

By: Alan Lane, North Carolina A little over a month ago I was fortunate to revisit the Missionaries of the Poor and their “homeless” residents after my first visit last August. Both times I was struck by the humanity, dignity, beauty, and joy exhibited by so many of these people…

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The church and the poor

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