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Diary of a Ghetto Priest: True Love unto Death

Dying to oneself for the sake of truth and for others is necessary. There can’t be just self-concern in life, there must be truth and the readiness to live and die for principles in life. Then there is love which means again living and dying for others. What an ideal!…

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Give and Receive Love

By: Arlene Torres, New Jersey, USA MY DAUGHTERS AND I first visited Kingston, Jamaica after we heard a teenager’s witness in church nine years ago. My purpose for the trip was to expose my children to the poorest of the poor. I wanted them to realize how lucky they are…

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Diary of a Ghetto Priest: “Queen Esther” – The Sacredness of the Artist

You better come! If you miss Queen Esther you will cry! It is full of beauty, sadness, joy, and, I believe, will root you once again in your faith, and, in your understanding that Jamaica is an island of artists, and a people of God. “Queen Esther”, I believe will…

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Diary of a Ghetto Priest: Learning to Love

Brother Alphonse told me “I keep on learning what is the meaning of love,” he smiled and shook his head. “I never learn enough about loving, Father.” Then he related how many people come to Good Shepherd, and to all our centers. The overall in charge of the centers, Brother…

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Healing of my Soul

By: Charles K. Park, Korean Martyrs Catholic Center, Orange County, California When my wife mentioned going to Jamaica on a mission trip, it perked my interest. “What?” I asked. “They give you room and board and take you out daily on guided tours?! You get to meet and have fun with the…

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Partaking in the Joyful Service with Christ on the Cross!

By: Fr. Michael Johnstone, Walsingham, Norfolk, UK It was January 2013 when I began working with MOP. It was a totally new experience: new and unfamiliar surroundings, routines, and faces. But once caught, no way was I ever going to miss an opportunity to volunteer over and over again!  …

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The church and the poor

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