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Philippines Needs Help!

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Still picking up from the aftermath of Typhoon Molave – known locally as “Quinta”, news of yet another one filled the airwaves, this time a category 5 capable of destroying everything on its path. By the end of the day Typhoon Goni – known locally as “Rolly” has developed into a super typhoon, making it the world’s strongest tropical cyclone of the year.

At 4:50 am, Sunday, November 1, Super Typhoon Rolly (Goni) made its first landfall in Bato, Catanduanes with a lashing maximum sustained winds of 225km/h, uprooting trees, toppling utility post, smashing through houses and buildings, and flattening agricultural landscapes leaving farmers on their knees.

The Northern Region of the Philippines saw the worst when floodwaters rose so rapidly propelling residents to the roof of their houses and leaving them with only clothes on their backs and cry out for rescue.

By 5:00 am, Monday, November 2, Super Typhoon Rolly exited the Philippine Area of Responsibility leaving a trail of massive destruction. Our Naga Mission Monastery did sustain some structural damage but nothing compared to the neighboring community and beyond. Many of our Brothers’ families too have sustained heavy damages to their houses and properties.

Many roads were impassable due to blockage from uprooted trees and toppled utility posts and debris of the massive destruction, but this did not deter the Brothers from going out to reach out those who are most in need. Giving out food packages, water, and medicines to needy families, assessing damages to their properties with the view of helping rebuild their homes, and most especially, offering prayers and hope in this most difficult time.

The people of this Island nation have not known a year without devastation. Every year comes with a cost, and this year is one of the worst. As we celebrate this most joyous time of the year, let us remember our suffering brothers and sisters in the Philippines, who only have tears in their eyes, and in this joyous Christmas season, please help us put a smile on their faces.






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