The first step in becoming an MOP Volunteer is to contact us at any of our locations or e-mail to us at We would like to discuss some of the guidelines for volunteers and then we will mail you a Volunteer application.


As a volunteer, you will participate in the life and works of the brothers. We begin with Mass and Morning prayer at 6am, then have breakfast and spend the day in the care centers working with the poor. Later, we pray Evening prayer and the Rosary, then enjoy dinner before relaxing at night.

Tasks in the care centers are always supervised by the Brothers–so don’t be afraid.


When you visit, we will provide you with everything you need except for your clothing, toiletries, cosmetic needs and reading materials. Expect warm weather, but always dress modestly. For more details, see our Rules for Visitors.


We maintain a guest house on our property that comfortably houses volunteer groups. Sometimes, men bunk with the brothers in the monasteries themselves.

Dear Friends in Christ,

We are happy to announce to you that the MOP volunteer program is now open. For more details please email us: /

While many of our friends around the world share their material possession with the Missionaries of the Poor, many others share themselves – their time, energy and skills – by visiting MOP Missions and serving as Lay Volunteers.

Lay Volunteers stay with us for up to one week and assist the Brothers in the daily work of our care centers. In addition to the daily work, volunteers share in the daily life of the Community, which includes daily Mass, hours of prayer, meals and lots of music! At   the same time, volunteers experience the simplicity of MOP life  and   gain many spiritual benefits from their time with us and the poor.

Time spent with the Missionaries of the Poor is, for most of our lay volunteers, a life-changing experience. Our visitors go home with a renewed faith, a new love for the poor, a new vision for their lives and plans to return and help again. Your personal prayer life will be enhanced as you get to see how the brothers pray and learn of the devotions that sustain them spiritually. Seeing the simplicity of the brothers, you will likely go home with a heightened sense of the materialism of western culture and an appreciation for a simpler way of life.


While there are so many exciting things to learn and do while you  are among the Missionaries of the Poor, we must remember that the Brothers live a partially cloistered life and there are rules to be carefully observed. These rules will give you the freedom to enjoy your visit!

To learn of these rules, please read our Visitor’s Rules page. For  more information on applying to become an MOP Volunteer or if   you would like to discuss the MOP visitor rules, please contact us.


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