The Missionaries of the Poor are always seeking men who wish to answer Our Lord’s invitation to serve the poor.  Members of the Missionaries of the Poor take four vows:  (1) poverty, (2) chastity, (3) obedience and (4) free service to the least.  To learn more about the life of the order, simply contact us.


As you begin the journey of discerning your vocation, be assured that you are not left to yourself.  The Missionaries of the Poor provides a comprehensive formation program that includes the opportunity to experience the life of brotherhood, a rigorous theological and spiritual training program and years of hands-on experience in our work.  This formation consists of five stages:

1.  Aspirancy (6 months to 1 year):  New vocations begin with one year of introduction to the life and work of the Missionaries of the Poor.  This period of formation takes place at the MOP mission in your home country.  The goal of this period is simply to assist you in discerning whether God is calling you to serve Him with us.

2.  Postulancy (6 months): Formation continues as you continue to test your vocation to religious life.  If you grow in your conviction that the religious life is in fact God’s will for you, postulancy ends and you remove to the Institute’s headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica to continue formation.

3.  Novitiate (2 years):  The first year (canonical) of the Novitiate emphasizes prayer and contemplation and includes a 40 day retreat.  The second year (apostolical) emphasizes the work or apostolate of the Missionaries of the Poor.

4.  Juniorate (6 years):  At the end of the Novitiate, temporary vows of six years is made.  During these three years, brothers in formation continue to grow in the knowledge of the mission and works of the Institute.

5.  Seniorate (life): With the approval of the Institute, brothers in formation may be admitted to perpetual profession, that is, vows for lifetime service.


MOP formation includes a comprehensive program in theological and biblical studies?  Brothers receive over 5 years of college-level instruction in every area of basic skills, spirituality, prayer, philosophy and theology needed for the life of a Missionary of the Poor.




O Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, graciously look upon our community dedicated to Your Holy Mother Mary.  Protect, support and sustain that which You have brought into existence with Your own hands.  Increase our numbers, fortify our strength to continue Your work, and call forth many others to join our ranks from all nations.

Since it is Your house, O Lord Jesus, let no stone be found in it which Your sacred hand has not placed therein.  Preserve and sanctify those whom You have called that they may praise Your holy name, accomplish Your work, and courageously wage Your battles.  You who live and reign with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.


                 M.O.P. LIFE

As a Missionary of the Poor, you will live a partially cloistered life in simplicity with a set schedule of daily prayer, work and study

                    5:30a Rise
                    5:45a Mass, Morning Prayer
                    7:30a Meditation
                    8:15a Breakfast
                    9:00a Classes
                    11:45a Midday Prayer
                    12:25p Lunch
                    1:00p Apostolate/Field Work
                    4:00p House Duty/Music
                    5:00p Evening Prayer, Rosary
                    6:30p Study, Recreation
                    7:15p Supper
                    8:00p Study
                    9:00p Night Prayer
                    9:15p Study
                   10:00p Sleep