Kenya – Nairobi


The Missionaries of the Poor had a very humble beginning in Kenya. Fr. Brian Kerr, one of the founding members together with Bros. Crispinus and Vincent two Kenyan missionaries were sent from Kampala, Uganda, to open the mission in Nairobi. The Archbishop of Nairobi warmly welcomed them and accommodated them until they could find a suitable house for rent.  With the help of the Archbishop and the local clergy, they purchased a parcel of land in Ruai-Chokaa, about 27 KM away from the city center in the year 2007. While they were residing at a rented house, the Brothers started the construction of a Mabhati house for the ministry.


hey started with a day care center for 60 children from the locality.  While the parents go searching for jobs, the children were left alone at home. A good number of these children ended up on the street looking for food. Some became victims of drugs and other vices. At present, care is given to 120 children from age 3 to 6 years, daily. They are given free breakfast, lunch and basic education; moreover, protection while the parents are away in search of jobs.
The same year they started gathering children from the neighborhood for prayers, catechism classes and Eucharistic celebration on Sundays. Through the effort of the Missionaries of the Poor many people were baptized, and many live in couples got married in the little chapel. At present there are over 300 people attending Sunday liturgy and 200 children coming for catechism.
In 2012, the Brothers also started a home for the disabled and abandoned children. They started with 12 disabled boys and as time went on the number of children increased to 30. Until 2016 December they stayed in the mabhati house, then shifted to a new facility. Thanks be to God for the generous contribution of the friends from U.K. and USA.