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Diary of a Ghetto Priest: Abortion: The Murder of the Holy Innocents

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I love our country. I love our people. I do not believe we are living our lives as true Jamaicans. We are a Christian people; we are rooted in a Judeo-Christian tradition – wealthy countries do not want this. We do not believe in murder. Murder is the most horrible of crimes before God and man, and, takes away the most precious gift God has given us: Life!

Who will defend the life of little babies in the womb; is it not a little human person? Otherwise, how can it become a human person like you and I? We were once in the womb; one day old, then two, until we were nine month’s old.

Do not kill the baby in your womb, whether you suction it or dismember it. You will commit murder. You will know it. The human conscience is a delicate thing. No matter how you lie to yourself or others lie to you, you can’t escape the truth. It is a helpless baby in your womb, no matter how old it is.

Once we legalize it as an exception for this reason or the other; the flood gates will be open. When legalized ganja, never have I seen such a wide spread use of ganja. Never have I seen so many, young and very old, sitting about, no joy, playing dominos, not working, harassing women and girls, no jobs, begging but smoking ganja.

Then there is casino gambling, flexi-week Sunday, there is a fall-off of reverence for Sundays, there is lewd dress among men and women, loud invasive music, and so many illegal guns.

If abortion is legalized for exceptional cases and promulgated as such, we would have begun the fall, down the slippery slope.

Nothing is more tender, nothing more beautiful than the tender loving care of a mother and child; nothing is more womanly than a woman taking care of her home with children and the husband being cared for. And despite what the modern aesthetics may say, a pregnant woman is most beautiful as she smiles gently at the child pregnant in her womb or on her lap.

Death, murder, wars, violence are vastly on the increase with abortion being legalized. Some 50 million babies have been murdered in the womb in America. The U.S. is the highest producing country of weapons and spends more money on the military than any country in the world.

Just 10 years ago in the paper media. There was indication that over seventy percent of Jamaicans are against abortion in everyway. Jamaicans saw it as murder. Jamaicans in general hated it because of a natural sense of horror, “This is wrong.” Intellectuals and rationalists, money-driven secularists from European Union, CIDA, USAID, Family Planning, and even the United Nations are for Abortion, and will not give aid or loan to build roads, schools, prisons unless the Jamaican government is willing to loosen up on the abortion law, which we know, (and I tell you clearly) is the doorway to whole-sale abortion.

But as a poor country I do not know what Jamaican government will do. What will we do Jamaica? I’d rather die than to see my country legalize murder of the little ones in the womb of the mother.


I ask that those rich and powerful nations who do not want Jamaica to be another Haiti in the Caribbean do not try to bribe us. We are a poor country and we are in need. Why not try the moral ethics of the Judeo-Christian Faith in order to control population, or, are you against it?

Our home for mothers and babies who are in danger can be helped at Holy Innocents. Contact Sr. Joanne Belmonte at 876-967-1530 / 876-948-5775.