Visitor’s Rules


The life of the Missionaries of the Poor is partially cloistered. This means certain areas of the houses are strictly reserved for the religious members of the Institute. These areas include: Classrooms, Libraries, Bathrooms and Offices. Access these areas only upon consent by the Superior or his delegate.

Generally a spirit of recollection and silence are observed within the living quarters of the Missionaries of the Poor. Recreation, discussions and other such activities should be kept to the Patio, Refectory, and the backyard.


You are welcome to participate in the daily spiritual activities of the Community which take place in the chapel as follows:

      1. 5:45am: Mass & Morning Prayer*

      2. 5:00pm: Evening Prayer

      3. 9:00pm: Night Prayer

      4. On Wednesday and Sunday, exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

*On Weekends or special Holidays, Mass begins an hour later (6:45AM).



To ensure religious decorum, the following dress code must be observed by all visitors at the homes of the Missionaries of the Poor:


Shirts or T-shirts (nothing sleeveless); long or short pants (just below the knee)


Modest blouses or T-shirts (nothing sleeveless); walking shorts (just below the knee) or skirt/dress or long pants. No mid-thigh shorts, mini-skirts or low-cut necklines may be worn at any time during your visit.

While participating in Liturgical activities in the Chapel, please wear the following:


Sleeved shirt and long pants


Sleeved, modest blouse/shirt and skirt/dress or long pants


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