The Spirituality of our Institute is to be in union with Christ on the Cross, as we give joyful service to the least of our brothers and sisters and to one another in the community. We will cheerfully serve our suffering and crucified Lord as He appears to us in the poor, knowing that through the Cross He attained for us Everlasting Life.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our Institute is to fulfill Christ’s desire to be present in this world, to have Him use us within His Mystical Body in order to accomplish His life and work among the poor. We do this through

  •    A life of prayer which makes us aware of God’s special love, His special favor and plan for us;
  •    A life of love of the members in our religious community,
  •    A life of service of the poor;
  •    A life of loyalty and dedicated service in the building up of our Roman Catholic Church.