Haiti – Port-au-Prince


Center des Enfants de Jesus(CEJ) came into existence in December of 1999 through the initiative of Mr. Ferdinand Mahfood in order to alleviate the sufferings and undesirable conditions of the poor, particularly the mentally and physically challenged children and young adults. Within the first 10 years of operation the said center merged and integrated children from Moutarde en Haiti and Notre Maison orphanages.

In December of 2013 under the leadership of Mr. Robin Mahfood, Food for the Poor Haiti (FFP) donates to our community, the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) the property, name, management and administration of Center des Enfants de Jesus (CEJ).

On January 1, 2014 MOP sends three Brothers from Cap-Haitien Mission and accepts the donated institution “AS IS” with furnishings, equipment, goods and supplies, and assumes full ownership of the said facility.


Center des Enfants de Jesus(CEJ) is a home to 83 special children and young adults with multiple disabilities. The center is composed of 4 dormitories and bathrooms, kitchen, office, laundry area, refectory, social hall, pharmacy, guard house, and a newly built home for the use of the Brothers and big piece of land for growth and expansions, farming and raising livestocks for the needs of the mission.

After over a year of exposure to the operation of the ministry, we began to implement a number of renovation projects in order to further enhance the quality of life and service we have been doing for the past few months. Through the kindness and generosity of our committed friends and benefactors and supporters we have had the joy in meeting since the transition of management and administration, the Lord has blessed us with his promise of Divine Providence.

SUBMERSIBLE PUMP & WATER PURIFYING MACHINE: Among other things, the need for clean, safe drinking water has always been our priority in this mission. With the history of cholera and other water-related diseases one cannot help but think of how safe it is to have a sip of water in this part of the country. With the help of friends and supporters from First Presbyterian Church of Richmond, Haiti Hope and Promise, and our benefactors, what was once a dream is a now reality. Within a year a new submersible pump was installed. In 2016 water purifying room was built, water tank storage up and a modern up-to-date water purifying machine continues to run on daily basis to provide safe, clean, fresh drinking water to our residents, brothers, workers, visitors and friends.

TRANSPORTATION & WHEREABOUTS: With one moving vehicle at hand in attending to the demands of the ministry it was extremely difficult for us to move around and find our ways in bringing our residents to hospital, school, recreational activities, and the day to day operation such as marketing, office works and procuring of much needed supplies. A lot of times we have to sacrifice one in favor of the other. With the arrival of a new Toyota Landcruiser donated by a very dear couple and generous benefactor who silently supports our ministry we are now able to make our whereabouts without setting aside other things we also have to do at hand.


Through the help of our friends and benefactors CEJ is undergoing what we call “a facelift stage”, a sort of physical transformation of the facilities where we try to make things spacious, bright and clear, accessible and easy to supervise to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. To put it at its best…truly a home for our 83 special children and to those whom they come in contact with on day to day basis, an ongoing effort that is very dear to us and we are committed in doing so.


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