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The Lord’s Place

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Poverty, sickness, fear and violence. This is the hidden face of the ghetto of Downtown, Kingston. Well known for its magnificent beaches and pristine rivers, but today, Kingston is a lost paradise. Homelessness has become a common scene on the streets and destitution has become a usual sight on the alleys. Every day, more and more suffers from the scourge of societies’ atrocities and negligence and every day, more and more are added to the rising numbers of homelessness. It was in this, that the Missionaries of the Poor established the Lord’s Place Home.

“The Lord’s Place” tells the story of the Lord’s Place Home, one of the many Homes run by the Missionaries of the Poor in Kingston, Jamaica. A Home which has become a haven for those suffering from dreaded and terminal illnesses. And today, the Lord’s Place Home is an oasis of peace and serenity to the overburdened. A shelter and a refuge to the forsaken and a beacon of life and light to the dying. It has become a source of strength and hope to the many who have lost the desire to live and discover the beauty of what life brings us. It has become a source of healing and restoration to the many who came wounded and broken. And it has become for many a place where they have found the Lord, received His loving mercy and felt His unconditional love… a place you truly can call… “The Lord’s Place”