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Springtime of Life

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By: Lauren Codner, Boston MA, USA

The faith of the Brothers and the residents is contagious. As an aspiring nurse, learning how to dress wounds and working in the pharmacy with Brother Joey at Faith Center or Pat teaching me how to properly dress, feed and clean the children were great learning experiences.


At the centers, the residents are taken care of on a deeper level. It more than just a medical needs, the Brothers and the volunteers show endless love and encourage faith amongst them. They give the residents hope and give them a place to feel at home where they can lay their heads comfortably. Their overwhelming works, whilst maintaining positive attitudes and dedication to their faith will continue to inspire me.


What an inner peace I felt when I saw the children smiling though they have pains and struggles in their condition. The Brothers and staff love the children as their own family. Each encounter with residents bring nothing but gladness and hope in my life. On the other hand, there are these charismatic men with the strength to do the works every single day. In Jacob’s Well where hugs and embraces are endless, I received compliments and their stories were memorable one, worth to ponder upon. I made them special by showing that I care for them through painting their nails, brushing their teeth or washing their face, doing each other’s hair, or just having a simple conversation with them. Though they may not remember me, but this experience made me feel humbled and grateful wherever I may be.


This mission trip taught me brand-new things which the world could not offer. In Christ, there is always new and there is always spring time of life. “Indeed, He is Risen!” So much to learn and I could not wait to return in this community, for the work is never done.