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A Unique Easter Experience

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By: Cheryl Codner, Boston MA, USA

This year, my daughter Lauren and I spent Easter week at the Missionaries of the Poor in Kingston, Jamaica. On our first day, we were welcomed by an Easter Vigil Mass which was unlike any other mass we have ever attended. The Mass opened with a dramatic, flaming, cross zip lining down from a tree to a cross on the ground. It was very symbolic, intriguing and a unique Easter vigil celebration from start to the end.


Our days were so caught up of the overwhelming commitment of the Brothers. We developed a sense of passion in giving and the dedication to serve the poor in the name of Christ from the Missionaries of the Poor. As visitors from another country we didn’t know what to expect but we found nothing but kindness and loving compassion from everyone we met. On Easter Sunday we visited Bethlehem home where we prepare the children for Mass. There I found that

although most of them were severely disabled they were all filled with joy of the Holy Spirit and full of life. They are loved and cared for like family by the Brothers and staff. Although many of them could not express themselves you can tell how much they appreciated all that was done for them. You can see so much in their eyes that you would never found elsewhere- the beauty of Christ, so alive urging you to “place your fingers in His wounds”.


The Brothers work tirelessly every day to assure their needs both physically and spiritually and that they know what love is. Brother Matthias reminded us that all the work we did was in God’s name- simple but powerful! As St. Theresa of Calcutta said, “We cannot do great things in this world, but we can only do small things with great love.”


We met the founder, Fr. Ho Lung on their Easter break where they had a fellowship games. His works and words are inspirational and humbling. The Brothers and Priests are so varied in their talents and personalities but so united on their work and mission in this life. They all made us feel welcome and part of the community even for a short period of time. Whether he is a beginner or an elder in the order, their common denominator is the loving kindness towards everyone.


This is an experience you must have, because it was so remarkable and life-changing. Certainly, we cannot wait of returning and hoping that there will be more laborers in God’s vineyard who will offer life and joy to the most forgotten ones.