Haiti – Port-au-Prince

PHARMACY RENOVATIONS: our main goal was to make the pharmacy room easy to clean, spacious, bright and well ventilated. Putting tiles on bare concrete floor was a must as well as the removal of interior wall for the space needed in doing daily rounds.

TABLES AND CHAIRS: with our two “bèbè’s” (mute carpenters) the noisy work in making presentable, strong, and long lasting tables and chairs was completed in total silence. In barely two weeks 6 tables and 13 long chairs were made for the use of our residents in the dining area to replace broken plastic chairs and tables.

CEJ KITCHEN ONGOING RENOVATIONS: After many years of cooking and food preparations the one and only kitchen that caters to the daily supplies of food and nourishment badly needed by the children has become dark, hot and dull in its appearance. Untiled floor and walls were oily, burners were rusty and broken, ceilings and beams were eaten by termites, roofs were leaking and the plumbing system was always out of order. A major repair and renovation was truly needed. With limited budget and resources a group of newly-found friends and well wishers came to our rescue. True to its name “Reiser Foundation” has taken the burden in “raising” what we needed for the said project. Below, please see the progress of the work.



As of this writing we have completed laying the foundation of our guest house and has commenced our plans in installing protective screens to keep mosquito and flies off our residents during the day. This will also serve in controlling the amount of dust that gets in to where the children are stationed during the day from unpaved road just right outside of our walls. A social hall and centralized administrative office are also underway.
Within this year we also plan to change the old, brittle, rusty roof of CEJ and renovate the dormitories so as to maximize the space and make the congested dark unventilated rooms spacious and bright. We believe that ample amount of natural lights during the day and constant flow of breeze are always essential in maintaining proper hygiene and health of our children. Thanks again to our friends and benefactors who quietly support us in our endeavors. As promised, we keep you all in our prayers!

Our next project … is to change the beds, cribs and mattresses of our children. Most of them have outgrown the beds and mattresses they have known over the years. We welcome anyone who may wish to help us make this project a reality. A model type bed is being made at this time and will soon be out on display for everyone to see. For those of you who are outside of Haiti, rest assured that a photo shall be on your way as well as the cost as soon as we have the model sample. Thank you.

We are also … seriously thinking of a private cemetery for our residents and brothers, if God so desire, that we breathe our last in this mission. We have identified a piece of land at our backyard for this purpose. This is to ensure that we not only care of our residents during their life here on earth but provide them even greater dignity after death.
The public cemetery is often too congested and unkempt. Rotten caskets, clothes and bones dug by stray dogs and animals are almost consider natural scenario in a public cemetery. Inquiries are being made at this time how to procure a permit. This will be our “GARDEN of LIGHT.” We will need 4 solar light posts for this purpose!