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Unconditional Love

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By: Eduardo Guevara, Florida, USA

My name is Eduardo Guevara and my wife, two children, my sister and her daughter had the blessing of visiting with  the Missionaries of the Poor and serving the poorest in  Kingston during the Advent  Season. I was introduced to MOP through my daughter, Marilyn, as she  had  gone  earlier in  the  year with  a  group  from  her  college,  Belmont  Abbey College. Firstly, I would like to share my deep gratitude to all of the Brothers for  their dedication in  caring for  the  poor.  Our experience   has   strengthened our Faith and our love for Christ as we administered to the poor.

I had  many  beautiful and  touching moments in  all  of the  centers but  I had one in particular that  stuck  with me.  As I was   feeding an   elderly gentleman close  to  his  death. MOP founder. Fr. Richard Ho Lung walked in  and  a  different man  next  to  us who  was sleeping but  also  close  to death woke up as the Father  approached him, the  man said.  Father I’m   praying for   the   Brothers and went back  to sleep without saying anything else. Father   Ho Lung responded,  Thank   you,  for   your prayers  your suffering is giving many people happiness.

At that moment I realize what  a great man that  elderly gentleman is. He  is  offering up  his  suffering just like  Jesus.

I would have guessed that the  man would ask Father for something, but instead he  wanted to  reassure Father  Ho Lung that he was praying for  the  Brothers!  At that moment I started crying in silent while feeding another elderly man and praying for a more merciful and loving world starting with myself.  I realized that we need to pray  and  do more  for  a better society as a family.

We all had   different  experiences. My wife,   Marta spent  one   of  the days at Jacob’s  well  and met  a particular resident  named Cleopatra. As we went  through our  week,  we were constantly reminded that  in loving and   caring for  each  of  the residents we are  loving and serving Christ  in each of them. This became a close reality to my wife as Cleopatra approached her and simply said. “Jesus  loves  you.”   We often forget or even ignore this  fact but  this moment  flooded my wife’s  soul with blissful peace.

MOP and  the  residents touched us in  ways  that   are   not  easy  to  describe but  they  do  leave  a  permanent  mark  on one’s soul that  is not easily  forgotten. It is easy to  come to the aid of the  physically poor and the  sick  in Jamaica but there is still a poverty in our own country.

The poverty in America is not visible but is rather that of  a spiritual  kind. As we have learned to serve in the poor in Jamaica, so we   must   put   on   the   eyes   on Christ as we return and serve the poor in our own country. We gave everything we had in Jamaica but received so much more through the graces  God wished  to bestow on us during our stay.