Sponsor a Seminarian Today!

Although the Missionaries of the Poor is a Fraternal Institute, some of our Brothers are ordain to the Priesthood so as to attend to the Sacramental needs of our Communities and the Poor we serve. Some of our Brothers are ask to go to study for the priesthood and we need your kind help for these Brothers to continue their studies. As of now, we have five Brothers on priestly studies, 3 for Philosophy and 2 for Theology. And the needed amount per year is as follows:

Philosophy: Ca$15,000.00 x 3 = Ca$45,000.00

For 2 years: Ca$45,000.00 x 2 = Ca$90,000.00

Theology: USD9,000 x 2 = USD18,000.00

For 2 years: USD18,000.00 x 2 = USD36,000.00