Philippines – Manila

Since 2012, the Lord’s blessings and many graces have been in abundance and only through His divine providence is the mission in Manila able to endure in serving the least of our brothers and sisters.  In the past three years many things have been accomplished.  The construction of the monastery, two stories of the apostolate with the third story pending completion, a very well constructed play ground area for the children and as well as a remodeled area for the catechesis of the outreach program.

The hard work and perseverance of the first four Brothers; Bro. Marc M.O.P., Bro. Rogelio M.O.P., Bro. Angelo M.O.P., Bro. Rynhel M.O.P., has been succeeded by ten new Brothers who continue to carry out the daily humble duties in serving the least of our brothers and sisters.  The Gospel reminds us that although we are many parts, we are of one body.  The heart and soul of the Manila mission, as is the same of all Missionaries of the Poor missions, is the lives of all their dearly loved residents.  Joyful Service with Christ on the Cross can be recognized in each of the ten Brothers as they work together in their most humble vocation.  Bro. Anthony Wechuli M.O.P., (Mission Superior), Bro. Ignatius Minj M.O.P., Bro. Gregory Turkey M.O.P., Bro. Moses Simiyu M.O.P., Bro. Joey Dela Cruz M.O.P., Bro. James Petallar M.O.P. and Bro. Roldan Mahinay M.O.P.


Brothers and some of our Little Angels at the Divine Mercy Center

Every day the life of the Brothers and the residents are constantly blessed with joy and happiness.  Very rare is the day’s event repeated.  The mission currently serves in its apostolate about 24 elderly abandoned men on the first floor and about 11 abandoned children who need special care on the second floor.  There is a saying that goes, ‘a family that prays together, stays together.’  The Brothers and the residents lives are very much intertwined especially in prayer.  It is an important practice for all of them.  Prayer may begin with us but it should always end with others, it is a simple conversation with God.


The Holy Spirit is the motivator of all that is accomplished in the mission.  Apart from the residents, the Brothers also spend time ministering to the neighboring children and families.  Every Saturday, two events take place.  There is a feeding program for about 300 children who come by the mission.  The clinic is also open on Saturdays for dental services for the neighborhood residents.  Every Sunday a different 150 children gather for another feeding program.  In the Bible when the people witnessed Jesus multiply the two fish and five loaves of bread, the Manila mission Brothers also witness the same miracle every weekend when they gather with the children.  Apart from feeding the many people they serve, there is also catechesis that takes place every day.  About 50 children join the lead Brother in charge as they are feed both spiritually and physically.

The Gospels tell us that ‘many are called, but only few are chosen.’  Working with the poor, especially those who are destitute and abandoned is not always an easy task.  Apart from the Brothers, there are several volunteers who continue to answer the call in their secular lives by sharing their time, talents or treasures.  The Manila mission is truly blessed to have an average of three free major medical missions that they are able to provide for their residents and the neighboring community.  The organization of these events is intense in that there is much to be prepared prior to the actual event.  The Brothers lead by example as they willingly meet Christ on the cross in all that they accomplish.

Saint Francis said it best when he stated, “Let us begin to serve the Lord our God, for up to now we have done little, or nothing.”  As the Manila mission continue to progress, there is still much to be done.  The completion of the third floor will help the Brothers expand their apostolate in serving elderly abandoned women.  All are welcome to come and experience the joy of the Brothers and the residents in this place they all call home in San Andres, Bukid.