Help to Score Music

Dear Friends,

For over 47 years now, we have produced Musical Productions and Operas as a way of proclaiming Christ and His Heavenly Kingdom and the Works of the Missionaries of the Poor. We have performed in Jamaica, all parts of the United States, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and other Caribbean Islands, the Philippines, Australia, Brazil and many more and have gathered together people from all walks of life giving praise to God.

While primarily, our Musical Productions is a way of Evangelization, on the other hand it also brings the needed help and funding in support of our Works and Ministries.

We have the recorded music and songs from our productions and a lot of people have been asking for the music score and we want these available to as much as we can. And so any of you who knows and wants to help score music please do help us and please contact us at: 


Thank you very much & God bless!

Fr. Richard Ho Lung, MOP